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There is high quality of microscopic surgery for all possible types of brain surgery such as pituitary tumors, acoustic tumors, skull tumors, intra ventricular tumors, glioma, and so on. There are also several medical institutions that offer neuro surgery in India and specialize in several vascular surgeries such as those for aneurysms of all sizes, arterial bypass, carotid endarterectomy, and other related neuro complications.

The same also applies for various forms of spinal surgeries. Another reason for such an immense popularity of the neuro surgery in India is the great level of pediatric neurosurgery One may contemplate as to why choose India and travel so long a distance for such a complicated treatment as neuro surgery. The answer is rather simple and obvious. The sudden boom in the health industry of the country has resulted in a huge number of medical practitioners who are highly competent. And the cost involved in eth total treatment too is highly competitive. As a result you need less than 50% of what you would need to spend somewhere else. Hence, neuro surgery in India has turned out to be so popular.