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Fat Grafts Surgery

Fat grafting is a form of plastic surgery in which fat is taken out from some part of the body to be inserted through surgical methods to correct any disabilities or abnormalities or just for the purposes of enhancing beauty. In fat grafting, the fat is taken from where the patient does not want it and inserted where he or she does want it e.g. the lips, the cheekbones, the chin and the buttocks.

Fat injections were started in 1893 by German doctor, Franz Neuber. He used a small piece of the upper arm fat and grafted it on to the face of a patient whose cheeks were sunken due to a tubercular inflammation of the bone. Fat grafting is commonly used to do away with the effects of aging on the skin, the muscles and flesh of our body. Fat grafts plastic surgery in India is mainly localized in the towns and cities.

It has not yet reached the common rural masses. As it is, very few people opt for a plastic surgery. This is where emergency requirements come into the picture. People affected by burns frequently go for fat grafts plastic surgery in India. A liposuction is performed from various body parts such as thighs, stomach and buttocks and the fat is injected into selected areas which need to be filled. It is widely used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes.

In towns and cities women go for fat grafts plastic surgery in India to enhance their beauty. Fat grafting can help to do away with the defects and to get back younger appearance. Fat grafting fills up expression folds and sunken cheeks and scars and lips. Fat grafts plastic surgery in India has not affected the villages as much as it has the towns and cities. The life in cities and towns is also much different than the villages.

There is less socializing in the villages and artificial cosmetic surgery procedures like fat grafting is not in use there to the extent it is in the towns and cities. More women than men go in for fat grafts plastic surgery in India. Now a days some doctors may at times be interested to take the technology to the rural folk but it will take some years for it to catch on in the villages. So, fat grafts plastic surgery in India has just set its foot.