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Mrs. Maratha

"All the staff that have been involved with Martha have shared such compassion and humanity combined with such a positive and fun attitude that they have turned a horrendous experience into one filled with happy memories. We have made friends for life. Maratha loves them as do we. They are all very special, talented and extremely devoted. They say it's their job - but you know it is much more than that."

Mra. Christina

"I found the service offered by Divine Medicare is personal, friendly and efficient. The information given to me was accurate and informative, so that the formalities of registration and travel proceeded without difficulties."

Mr. V. D.Micheal

"I am proud to say that I am able to walk and do many things that I thought I would never be able to do again...Your staff worked with me and gave me the courage and determination I needed to accomplish many feats...your entire hospital is run by angels and you are performing miracles everyday".

Mr. J.P.Chris Richard

"My therapist enabled me to exceed what I thought my own limits to be and established for me a standard of excellence by which I will always measure other therapists...I want to thank everyone at Helen Hayes for minimizing the difficulties of being hospitalized and maximizing my potential as a patient."