Medical Insurance
Divine Medicare does not provide advice on medical tourism insurance. We instead advise you to consult your insurance provider for information on what coverage you currently have, and what that entitles you to regarding outsourced health care.

Do not assume your insurance covers treatment in a medical tourism facility. It very likely does not. Read your policy or contact your insurance company's customer service.

While medical tourism insurance coverage is not currently commonplace, changes are in the works as mainstream insurers take note of the opportunities created by the recent release of AMA guidelines for the medical tourism insurance industry.

From MedicalNewsToday regarding medical tourism insurance standards:

In 2006, about 150,000 U.S. residents received some form of medical care internationally, and about half of the procedures were "medically necessary," such as open heart surgery or hip and knee replacements, according to AMA.

AMA's guidelines for patients include seeking care from accredited providers, being knowledgeable about legal rights in the country in which they are seeking care and bringing medical records to and from facilities outside of the U.S. In addition, patients should be informed of potential risks following surgeries, such as blood clots that can develop during long flights. AMA said that insurers and employers who are considering covering international care as a way to reduce health costs should not restrict treatment referrals or limit diagnostic tests. In addition, AMA supports allowing patients to choose their own physicians and hospitals and not be limited to an insurer's list of providers. AMA also said that employers and health plans considering coverage of overseas care should cover necessary follow-up care once the patient returns to the U.S.

Recognition of medical tourism as a viable marketplace, and the need for medical tourism insurance are going to stimulate changes that will benefit all the players. It is only a matter of time before medical tourism insurance becomes widely available. When the medical tourism advantages can be leveraged by the mainstream insurers, medical tourism insurance policies will become commonplace.
Corporate Insurance
If you are a small business owner, Corporation, Broker, Insurer, or Self-insured employer, you can now take advantage of the Divine Medicare customized programs and save your company thousands of dollars and at the same time offer your employees top notch doctors at World Class Medical facilities.

Divine Medicare has formed partnerships and affiliations with International providers and can offer your employees the best quality healthcare options with high quality, low cost, alternatives to healthcare in the US. To make matters worse healthcare costs, and your healthcare expenses are predicted to rise dramatically in the US. Savings of dollars and the opportunity to travel internationally makes a Divine Medicare abroad an appealing option for employees, who are getting familiar with Medical Tourism, and may be aware that they are guaranteed top notch quality care at an affordable price that can benefit both their company and themselves. Divine Medicare has earned an excellent reputation of offering unparalleled services. Your employees are treated like VIP's. We arrange for everything including air-tickets, hotels, hospitals stays, doctors, passports, visas, and their own "concierge" who is available on a 24 hour basis.

Our "all inclusive" programs ensure that all expenses, including hotels, meals, tours, etc. are part of their custom made package. Even with air & ground transportation, procedure and treatment costs, recovery, hotels, tours, and other costs factors into the total cost of our price, your company will still save thousands of dollars. You will receive one final invoice prior to employees' departure so costs are transparent and payment is simple. We recognize that you desire to offer the best quality healthcare options to your employees. Most of our doctors, Our hospitals must be certified by Joint Commission International ( JCI) or International Standards Organization( ISO)

We give you the power to experience first-rate, hassle-free medical care, while we manage all the details required for a successful and pleasurable medical treatment and journey abroad.

Medical-Advantage Club
Our Medical-Advantage Club caters to self-insured companies who are taking the initiative to offer medical tourism options their employees. As US healthcare costs continue to escalate at such an alarming rate, thoughtful corporations are now looking at new ways to provide their employees with a wider array of medical care options. With potentially massive corporate savings and only the highest level of care, this is truly a win-win scenario for both employers and employees. Let Divine Medicare act as your broker, offering distinguished medical treatment and solutions abroad.

To find out more about the Divine Medicare Advantage Club, please contact us via email at